Program Schedule



Arrival of Participants and Registration

(3 pm onwards)

Inauguration Ceremony

(7 pm onwards)

  • National Anthem – Negaraku
  • Prayer Recital
  • Welcome Address – Datuk Seri Dr. Abdul Fattah Abdullah, President, Angkasa and Vice President of ICA-AP)
  • Welcome Address – Balu Iyer (Regional Director, ICA-AP)
  • Inaugural Address – YB Datuk Ewon Benedick (Minister of Entrepreneur Development and Cooperatives, Malaysia)
  • Photo Session
  • Official Dinner & Cultural Show



Opening Session

(8:30 am)

Keynote Address: Cooperation for Sustainable Lifestyles
(8:40 am) 

09:00 AM

Plenary Session: Cooperation for Sustainable Lifestyles

We live in a world where our natural resources are overexploited and the fight against climate change is not getting easier. Our way of producing and consuming must be more sustainable and requires cross sector collaboration and systemic change in behavior and thinking. This session will explore innovative ways for youth participants to act on their concern for communities. The session will explore ways in which coops are innovators in this space (social and organizational innovation in particular). What cooperation between coops, especially amongst youth, is needed to advance the sustainability agenda?



  • Mira Dzhakshylykova (Sustainability Coordinator, American University of Central Asia) Kyrgyzstan
  • Justine Lynn Limocon (Co-founder, LAMAC Multipurpose Coop) Philippines
  • Zaiwin Kassim (Chairman, Sarawak Innovative Youth Coop) Malaysia

10:30 AM

Networking  Break

11:00 AM

Breakout: Learning Sessions


Value Creation for Cooperative Entrepreneurship

Naloh Sarang Heo (Coach, Mondragon Team Academy) South Korea.

The session will deep dive into the Entrepreneurial Value Creation Theory which posits that the value appropriation ability of a venture, or the effectiveness of its dynamic capabilities, can be assessed by how soon the product/service can be brought to market and how soon the venture can achieve positive cash flow. Cooperatives are businesses owned by “member-owners” and unlike a traditional business each member gets a voice in how the business is run. Services or goods provided by the co-op benefit and serve the member owners.

    Sustainable Lifestyles at Community Level

    Haneesh Katnawer (Co-founder, Himalayan Hemp Coop) India

    The session will deep dive into the concept of sustainable living which means understanding how our lifestyle choices impact the world around us and finding ways for everyone to live better and lighter. Co-ops seek a better quality of life for all members while maintaining nature’s ability to function over time by minimizing waste, preventing pollution, promoting efficiency and developing local resources to revitalize the local economy.

      School Cooperatives: Insights from Malaysia! 

      Tansau Secondary School Coop, Malaysia

      The session will help understand about a visionary model of co-ops developed in the education sector across Malaysia since 1968. There are nearly 2,400 school co-ops in the county: a cooperative formed by a high school. Members are teachers, students (aged between 13 and 17 years old) and school staff. Their main activity is to provide services for the school, ranging from the laundry, the cafeteria, the internal school shop, to name just a few.

        Cooperative bylaws and statutes: A masterclass

        Prakruti Upadhyay (Director, National Youth Co-op Society) India

        In their advocacy towards favorable and conducive legislation, cooperatives are expected to protect the ICA Statement on the Cooperative Identity, which secures the cooperative and ethical values along with the seven operational principles of cooperatives and the all-encompassing international definition of cooperatives. This session will continue efforts towards bringing cooperative legislation in tandem with this Statement around the world – to help cooperatives, their members and their communities benefit from the ‘cooperative difference’.

        12:30 PM

        Lunch Break

        02:00 PM

        Breakout: Hands-on Activties

        Financial Skills for Sustainable Cooperatives

        Anurag Dang (Asst. Director, National Cooperative Union) India

        The session will impart knowledge about financial literacy to run a cooperative. The financial manager’s responsibilities include financial planning, investing (spending money), and financing (raising money). Maximizing the value of the co-op is the main goal of the financial manager, whose decisions often have long-term effects.

        Laboratory Cooperatives and Local Government Agencies’ support

        Dulce Bustamante (Vice Chair, ICA-AP Youth Committee) Philippines

        The Laboratory Cooperative for Junior Youth is an organization where everyone is highly encouraged to be a member right after entering the school. It teaches students to be knowledgeable in handling their funds, in being more disciplined, etc. As this cooperative operates, the students are the ones who facilitate every transaction and are just being advised and monitored by a teacher.

        Maintaining pace with Digital Transformation

        Criss Ang (Senior Manager, NTUC Health Cooperative) Singapore

        The path for transforming a co-op must be uniquely aligned with the specific realities it faces, while ensuring that the business doesn’t fall behind the competition in today’s hypercompetitive climate. Staying current is essential, as the pace of change increases every day. There is no cookie-cutter approach that works across the board. Key technology platforms that drive digital transformation must offer the choices and options necessary to migrate in the least disruptive and most beneficial manner. The pressure to act now is intense, and this session will help in choosing platforms with more options that support faster transformation.

        Sustainable Brands and Co-op Identity

        Shivali Sarna & Shree Padmanabhan, ICA-AP

        As the cooperative movement has been growing and evolving throughout the decades, it is time for a rebranding.  As part of our continuing brand advancement, we need to adapt to reflect our values more. The session will discuss some relevant topics around cooperative identity and branding followed by an interesting exercise on sustainable brands we are surrounded with. For most famous lifestyle brands, there exists an infamous sustainable alternative, let’s find out!

          3:30 PM

          Networking Break

          04:00 PM

          Plenary Session: Sustainable Development Goals through Cooperative Global Solutions

          The Sustainable Development Goals are the blueprint to achieve a better and more sustainable future for all. We believe it is important that we reflect on them in multicultural teams, not only learning why they are important but reflecting how we can be proactive, thinking in cooperative glocal solutions.


          Dr. MohdAzlan Yahya, Director, ANGKASA


            • Vishal Singh (Chairperson, National Consumers Co-op Fed.) India
            • Prakriti GC (Project Support Officer, UNDP) Nepal
            • Rohan Clarke (Co-founder, Cooperative Farming) Australia

            5:30 PM

            Coop Pitch Mentoring Session

            07:00 PM




            Climate Action and Community Immersion 

            Depart from Promenade Hotel to Manukan Island
            (07:00 AM )

            Go Green Campaign 5.0
            (07:30 AM )

            Conservation Awareness Talk by Sabah Parks

            Beach Cleaning Activity at Manukan Island

            Depart to Kota Kinabalu Wetland

            Tree plantation at Kota Kinabalu Wetland

            12:30 PM

            Lunch at Koperasi Homestay Desa Cinta Kobuni (KOBUNI)


            02:00 PM

            ‘Manasu Ansau’ Community Immersion Activities at KOBUNI 


            • Making Linopot (Traditional Sabahan Dusun food)
            • Making Sabah Handicraft
            • Kadazan Dusun Traditional Costume, Sirih, Traditional Games (Sumpit)
            • Making Kuih Sinirung Sirung (Traditional homemade food)

            5:30 PM

            Return to Kota Kinabalu for Dinner

            09:00 PM

            Return to Promenade Hotel



            09:00 AM

            Plenary Session on Bootstrapping: Building a co-op from the ground up! 

            The session is about starting a cooperative, marketing and positioning yourself as a brand to establish client trust, adding value to your product/service and innovating new products/services through client feedback and market needs analysis. The session will also discuss the use of technology for remote monitoring, project management, and BoD meetings/decision-making initiatives to efficiently execute programs and improve productivity at a mínimum cost.


            Rohan Clarke (Co-founder, Australia


            1. Haneesh Katnawer (Co-founder, Himalayan Hemp Cooperative) India
            2. Teepee Gile (Co-founder, Red Root Artists Cooperative) Philippines

            10:30 AM

            Networking Break

            11:00 AM

            Coop Pitch Finale

            12:30 PM

            Lunch Break

            02:00 PM

            Closing Ceremony

            • Arrival of Delegates
            • :Arrival of YB Datuk Ewon Benedick, Minister of Entrepreneur & Cooperatives Development
            • Arrival of YAB Datuk Seri Panglima Haji Hajji Bin Haji Noor, Chief Minister, Sabah State
            • Arrival of YAB Datuk Seri Panglima Dr. Ahmad Zahid Bin Hamidi, Deputy Prime Minister
            • National Anthem “Negaraku” | Sabah State Anthem “Sabah Tanah Airku”
              Doa Recital
            • Video Recap of APCYS4.0
            • Closing Remark b YB Datuk Ewon Benedick. Minister of Entrepreneur & Cooperatives Development
            • Certificate Distribution to Volunteers from 7 Secondary Schools
              by YAB Datuk Seri Panglima Haji Hajji Bin Haji Noor, Chief Minister, Sabah State
            • Announcement of Pitch Winners
            • Prize Distribution b YAB Datuk Seri Panalima Dr. Ahmad Zahid Bin Hamidi. Deputy Prime Minister
            • Vote of Thanks by Mr. Balu Iver, ICA-Asia Pacific Regional Director

            3:30 PM

            Networking Break

            04:00 PM onwards

            Departure of Participants