Platform for youth across the Asia and Pacific region to come together and learn about youth cooperativism.

Live in Sabah | Jul 27-30, 2023

Highlights of Past Youth Summits

APCYS 1.0 | Bali, Indonesia | 2016

Theme: Youth Cooperatives and the Power of Entrepreneurship and Innovation

Host:  Kubu Gunung Credit Cooperative

Participation: 70 young people from 17 countries


APCYS 2.0 | Cebu, Philippines | 2018

Theme: Creative Skills, Cooperative Entrepreneurship, and Sustainable Development

Host: LAMAC Multi-Purpose Cooperative

Participation: 147 young cooperators from 17 countries


APCYS 3.0 | Virtual | 2021

Theme: Celebrating Youth as Torchbearers of the Cooperative Identity

Participation: 3,500+ registrations from 23 countries with a majority from Malaysia

Visit to Local Cooperatives in Bali, Indonesia for Community Immersion at APCYS 1.0

Hands-on Cooperative Activities in Cebu, Philippines at APCYS 2.0

Participant Pitching Her Cooperative Business at APCYS 1.0 Coop Pitch Finale in Bali, Indonesia

Eco-Clean, an aspiring digital platform cooperative for cleaning-services workers in Indonesia, emerged as the first prize winner of Coop Pitch at APCYS 3.0, held virtually.

Participants Enjoying the Cultural Session in Cebu, Philippines at APCYS 2.0.

An inspirational talk by Deepak Ramola, Founder and Artistic Director of Project FUEL at APCYS 3.0 held virtually.

APCYS 4.0 – Cooperation for Sustainable Lifestyles

27-30 July, 2023

More than half (54%) of the global youth population, around 2 billion people under the age of 30, lives in the Asia and Pacific region.[1] With a burgeoning population, increased pressure on natural resources and increasingly alarming instances of climate change induced natural disasters, the need of the hour is to focus on climate action to mitigate these concerns that humanity presently faces.

Youth and youth-led initiatives have a great role in localising the 2030 sustainable development agenda as critical actors in climate action both at the national and the local levels working with the community in grassroots.[2] Engaging equally with both the youth and the community is pivotal to ensure that intergenerational equity and environmental justice is delivered at various junctures of the development process.[3]

APCYS 4.0 will acknowledge and encourage the role of youth in furthering sustainable lifestyles for a greener planet. It will provide a platform for youth to come together and hear about inspiring youth-led sustainable practices and ventures, experience hands-on cooperative activities, share cooperative business ideas, and enjoy the spirit of different cultures and youth cooperativism. The summit will:

  • Call upon the youth in the region to come together and act consciously to practice and promote sustainable lifestyles, while embracing the values of cooperation and the cooperative enterprises that places community first through concern for the environment.
  • Explore how a newer generation of pragmatic and environmentally conscious youth can be better engaged within the cooperative movement, through cooperative values and principles.
  • Hear from youth, the new and sustainable enterprise ideas on cooperatives that cater to the needs and aspirations of the youth in their country, through Coop Pitch Competition


[1] Understanding Youth’s Role to Achieving the Sustainable Development Goals, Asian Development Bank Report


[3] United Nations, Youth and SDGs

Frequently Asked Questions

Where is the event taking place?

APCYS 4.0 will be held in Sabah, Malaysia from 27 – 30 July 2023. Participants will have to arrange for their air travel to Malaysia and back to their respective countries. The organizers will arrange for the participants’ accommodation, local hospitality and local travel.

Who is eligible to participate?

The youth summit is primarily organized for an audience within the age group of 18-35 years. However, people of all age groups having interests in youth-related initiatives, youth leadership, cooperative entrepreneurship, etc. can participate after registration.

How can  i participate?

You are advised to go through the website and submit the completed registration form before the deadline, 18 June 2023. If you are willing to participate in the Coop Pitch Competition also, you will have to register separately for it.

What is the Coop Pitch Competition?

Cooperative (or Coop) Pitch, an integral and the most exciting part of APCYS is a competition for youth to pitch new and sustainable enterprising ideas on cooperatives. Young participants work in teams to develop cooperative business ideas catering to the needs and aspirations of the youth in their country and present them to a judging panel. Visit Coop Pitch, for detailed information on the competition.

Have any more questions?

Feel free to email us at contact@apyouthsummit.coop if you have any questions or concerns!